I Think The Pain Is The Addictive Part

Is it true that it’s more about the journey than the destination? Sometimes the journey is painful, but the pain provides an opportunity for improvement.

Am I In Over My Head?

I have spent the last 26 years getting strong, and now at 42 for the first time ever I’m obsessed with an endurance sport.  I know some people think fitness is fitness but that’s like saying a defensive lineman can play hockey because if you’re an athlete, you can play all sports!  Honestly I’ve competed […]

Surgery & Set Backs… Fire It Up!

Yesterday I had my second surgery in six months.  In June they repaired a ruptured triceps in my right arm and today my left arm is in a cast from bicep repair surgery.  Those closest to me know this one has been hard for me to deal with.  I lost most of my summer recovering […]