Surgery & Set Backs… Fire It Up!

Yesterday I had my second surgery in six months.  In June they repaired a ruptured triceps in my right arm and today my left arm is in a cast from bicep repair surgery.  Those closest to me know this one has been hard for me to deal with.  I lost most of my summer recovering from my triceps repair; no waterskiing, no throwing the baseball with my son, and no family bike rides with Tricia.  Now here I am again, broken and on the shelf… facing 3-5 months of rehab again.  This is not what I envisioned for 2015, but sometimes God has other plans.

bicep tendon (my biceps tendon)

Now that surgery is complete it’s time to flip the switch and move forward.  This journey sucks but I know there are many people dealing with a lot worse than my not being able to do pull-ups for three months.  In the words of Rocky, “it ain’t about how hard you hit.  It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”  With resolute determination and a loving touch, I will take this opportunity and become better.  I will use it to become a better husband to Tricia by silently helping out around the house more.  I will use it to become a better father to Dylan by silently showing him the power of determination and hard work.  I will use it to become a better leader and example to the four amazing people that help make Results Personal Training the best fitness facility in South Dakota.  I will also use it to grow and improve as a trainer so I can help even more people become better versions of themselves.  I promise you, by June I will view this set back as an overwhelming positive opportunity.


Thank you to everyone that took time from their day yesterday to text, comment on Facebook, or reach out and wish me good luck.  Your actions made me smile.  Now it’s time to FIRE IT UP!!

One thought on “Surgery & Set Backs… Fire It Up!

  1. Nothing worthwhile in this world is a safe bet. We must know misery to identify times of elation.
    Corey,it sounds like you’re doing the best thing. Following God’s lead and let Him steer your life as He is the only One who knows what’s best!
    Prayers for fast and successful healing!!

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